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There is a general perception that typically Information Technology is seen as a function that soaks up time and resources without adequately accounting for these resources.

IT Risk Management & IT Governance

Andrews Duffy provides “Independent Risk Management and oversight of the Information Technology solution for your organisation. Assuring compliance with regulations, IT risk management and interfacing with the IT providers. We create using clear language IT oversight reports, manageable and understandable information for the management team and board“. Our solution addresses your needs;

  • Audit & Management of IT Risks
  • Reporting to the Management Team & Board of Directors on the IT function
  • Management of Outsourced IT Services & providers
  • Policies and Procedures due diligence
  • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery
  • Computer Systems Security and Cybersecurity Management
  • IT Infrastructure audit and health checks
  • GDPR
  • IT Budget Development and Monthly Spend Analysis
  • IT Training & Workshops for staff, management team and board members

See our dedicated IT Governance Page for Credit Unions including IT Policies

IT Managed Services

Andrews Duffy IT Managed Services Brochure

Our team are experienced in managed services, change management and delivery of IT projects. We found that after our teams had transformed or implemented client solutions, there was often a need to manage and run them on a day to day basis on their behalf. We have also found that clients see both a cost efficiency and service maturity benefit from engaging with AD Management Consultants on a more long term basis.

We specialise in providing managed information technology services in Credit Union’s, Airlines/Transport, SME’s, NGO’s and Governement Bodies for a variety of clients. We can tailor our offerings to address your specific needs.

Our consistent approach to our services means that we can provide the same key elements to all our clients using the ITIL service delivery approach.


Information Security is constantly changing – from building impregnable firewalls, to an understanding that threats can not only penetrate perimeter defences but also originate from within organisations. We help you to understanding the impact of risk is the starting point for all security protection – whether the risk is caused by data loss, business interruption or reputational issues.

Andrews Duffy provide advice and solutions to many organisations. Protection from potential cyber-attacks, management of internal governance and identity, and the implementation of security operating models. We help organisations deliver a robust roadmap for managing risk that IT brings to all industries.

Project Management

We were founded on our ability to deliver projects, driven by our extensive experience in IT Change Management and Project Delivery.

Strategic Advice

We work with our clients to help plan for the future. What areas should be invested in, how to get better value for money or what technologies to look towards for the future

Information Analysis

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation. Every day, ever higher volumes of data travel in, out and throughout your company. Our challenge is to capture, manage and make sense of this information. Using our road map of proven and pragmatic data management processes, we will help you maximise the value of your data.

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