This week we were on site with a client and asked the most important question “Do you have a backup that is removed each night?”   Yes & didn’t know was the response.

So if the building burn’s down, then your goose is cooked, you data and your business is gone, climbing Mount Everest will be easier.

Backup’s are your first and last line of security for your business. They can be done via a tape backup or to an offsite location or the cloud, but backups are a critical business function, FOR ALL BUSINESS. It’s critical that you protect your business’ important assets, including perhaps the most important of all: its data. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing a solid backup solution. But what’s the best way to approach data backup? After all, every business is going to have different needs. We’re here to tell you all about these different needs, and how your organisation can implemen

t a reliable backup solution based on your business needs and operational processes.