Life of a CIO, Chief Information Officer, Head of IT, and or basically the most knowledgeable IT person in the building on that day, is what I call being a responsible for your IT, go-to tech expert.

I am partner with Mark Duffy and we work with our clients to understand their IT systems, computers, servers and software applications, vendor management, outsourcing arrangements, backups, business continuity plans, disaster recovery, IT Project and IT budgets and the big bad word of IT Systems & Security – Cyber and Internal.

These are the multitude of areas that we bring our expertise to, but basically we provide that skill set that translates the techie jargon into common tongue so that organisations are not bamboozled with technical terms and technical “hogwash” they receive from their vendors and suppliers and IT Systems.

Our Week so Far

This week our work focused with the scoring the tender process for a Managed Information System, development of a business continuity plan, reviewed the 6 month action plan to address the IT issues with another client, had a meeting with the CEO, Board member, Risk Officer for another client to assist them with dealing with the regulatory requirements of IT, and today is only Wednesday.

Thursday will be a catching up with paperwork, nobody said that having a virtual or cloud based IT platform, (we use Office365) has removed all the paperwork from an office.

So why do you need us?

Think of a us as your go-to tech expert for finding new services, we champion the home implementing solutions and planning for the future. You face daily challenges that exhaust your time, resources and budget. We bring you peace of mind by giving you back control of your IT without blowing through your budget.

We are not all technical focused, we work with your business model, your business objectives and then work to slot IT into achieving your business goals.

We create a roadmap (action plan) designed to make your life easier with solutions that fit perfectly into your environment. Knowing which services work best to solve your tech dilemmas is crucial to saving your hard earned euro’s and your stress levels. With years of experience, we use our industry knowledge to deliver stress-free technology options for your business.

We play for the home team

We assist you with the management of your IT, we are on your side, play for the home team, how can we make IT work for you and not be a slave to IT.

We assure total confidentiality with all client information but we bring our experiences from dealing with multiple clients to focus on solutions for your business IT issues.

We are your partners, not in the virtual world, but in the real world. We work with you.