Determining if you need an the resources that an external IT organisation requires an in-depth look at your current IT environment, business processes and needs of IT to support your business operations. Making a decision to engage an Consultant should include factors such as your future technology initiatives, budget, and current needs and a wholistic view of the world of IT.

Understanding what an IT Consultant does

The first step in deciding if you need an IT Consultant is understanding what an IT Consultant does and how your company could utilize their resources. An IT Consultant is an experienced technology specialist that partners with a company to help leverage technology to improve business processes and overcome pain points.

IT consulting capabilities include but are not limited to:

Provide an outside perspective on business decisions

Do you value objectivity?

Having an objective, third-party IT Consultant to provide an outside perspective on business decisions is invaluable. An IT Consultant’s objectivity can provide you with a 360° view of all the possible options and scenarios – both positive and negative.

As a collaborative IT partner, we will help you explore all of your technology options.  They can give real life examples and provide rationale for the solution that might be best for you and bring the knowledge of their past experiences, (good and bad) to maximise results. IT Consultants have specific project, business and industry knowledge and insight.  They can help you position your company for growth and success by calling on previous expertise.

Do you plan to grow your company within the next five years?

As IT Consultants, we encounter companies that have either grown very quickly or have plans for aggressive expansion. Often they have not considered some of the technology hurdles this kind of growth brings.  Document storage and sharing, in-house infrastructure capabilities, and best security practices for remote employees are all common IT considerations that arise during rapid expansion.

Greatly reduce the amount of time you’re playing catch up

Having an IT Consultant address these common issues can greatly reduce the amount of time you’re playing catch up to get your technology to the level your business needs it to be. Furthermore, a consultant can tackle the additional routine, helpdesk IT issues that come with more employees, thus freeing up the time of in-house staff to focus on strategy.

Outsourcing your IT Services

Do you have enough staff to support your initiatives?

All businesses must not only maintain current software and hardware solutions, but also constantly look for innovative improvements.  If you find that your internal IT team is constantly bogged down with daily support issues and doesn’t have the time to think about future technology initiatives, you may be short on IT staff.  We find that many SMB/SME companies can’t afford to hire an internal IT team. A viable solution to this problem is outsourcing your IT Services by having an IT Consultant provide you with proven solutions, reducing the learning curve dramatically.