Does your credit union lack the resources to hire or retain a full-time It Manager?

Are your current IT expert(s) overwhelmed by their responsibilities?

Have you ever wondered what virtual Chief Information Officer, vCIO as a service is? This post is for you!

vCIO as a Service
IT Manager, vCIO

vCIO as a service is a unique approach to providing consultation around IT Management, understanding the IT Risks in your organisation, putting a process to manage the risk. Many small- to medium-sized credit unions need a little extra help with their security posture. vCIO is like having a dedicated, experienced part-time IT expert to bring in expertise around cyber and information security.

Fractional vCIO

What’s more, the “fractional vCIO” provided by Andrews Duffy will have experience helping multiple credit unions. We think that’s a major strength. We often ask, “would you go to a surgeon who has only ever dealt with one patient?” Probably not. A vCIO that works with many credit unions brings a depth and breadth of expertise, tools, tricks, and ideas that help satisfy boards, examiners, and other key constituents.

We have an unique approach of IT consultation around cyber security, information management and IT Governance.

SME organisations may have an IT resource, or may not, but frequently it is limited internally due to a lot of responsibilities, doing their primary CU job. There may be a need for the ability to bring in expertise around information and cyber security, when required. This service brings individuals and our organisation who are experts at their fields and how to develop strategies around your security posture.

vCIO as a service

vCIO as a service is the individuals, organisation and the technology, we take a look at;

  1. What you have
  2. How you are using it
  3. Do you need advice in particular areas
  4. Ultimately, what is best for your organisation.

The vCIO as a service tool is valuable not only for the expertise of the individuals involved, but also for the technology involved. Our experts assess what you have and how you use it. Then, they’ll provide recommendations on what technology is best for your organisation to implement. The technology and the CISO work together to develop your posture as an organisation.

Information risk management is getting more difficult to deal with, find and understand, our vCIO brings a process to understand and manage these risks,

Finally, our vCIO service combines a set of preventative maintenance tasks that make sure certain cyber security related tasks happen every week regardless of other business demands. These include things like regular policy reviews and updates, anti-virus reviews, patching reviews, internal and external vulnerability checks, and many other items. These items are constantly evaluated, revaluated, updated, reported, and improved to make sure you have a constantly evolving cyber security posture for your credit union.

Final Thoughts

The Central Bank of Ireland requirements, Cyber risk management is changing the way IT security is managed in credit union’s. Compliance is also changing, and IT security risks are growing more complicated, more difficult to deal with, and harder to find.

vCIO as a service is the best way to leverage the individual expertise and technology you need to create the best security posture for your organisation.