Action Item Checklist
FunctionSummary Description
User Name  and Password ProtectionStrictly enforce robust password security as per NIST Standards that include Upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols Minimum of 8 characters, avoiding common words and dates Password not used for any other log in’s Changing passwords regularly – 3 months Using 2 Factor Authentication
Control and AccessRestrict admin accounts to prevent and detect unauthorised access or alteration of systems and or data
Application WhitelistingAllow trusted software only – known sources or companies. Prevent the executation  of all other software through the use of application whitelists.
Anti Virus, Email, and Web FiltersUpdated anti-virus software, in addition to web security software, to reduce the risk of unintentional and intentional computer infection. Also, personal viligance against suspicions emails and attachments greatly reduces cyber threats
Secure Standard Operating Syste,sUsing un supported or outdated operating systems, such as Windows XP or Windows 7 (jan 2020), prevents risks to the network and user data
Automated Patching, Tools and ProcessesUse automated software which is included in standard operating systems to keep your systems up to date, applied frequently to ensure software is patched to manufacturers standards,  and reduce the risks associated with out of date vulnerable software
Back Up of DataInvesting in and using cloud / physical external backup units, to provide additional redundancy of security for your data,  in the event that information is destroyed or compromised
Mobile Device Security, Encryption of DataEnsure that mobile devices  are secure with passwords data is encrypted and if possibilty to remote wipe, lock and or track.