Your Employees are the heart of your business and the core of any approach to risk management.

You employees touch every aspect of your business; its daily routines, customers, finances, your product, suppliers, decision making and ultimately each other

Your people are literally the heart of your business.

By harnessing a person centre risk approach, you can provide a pathway for developing your organisation and its culture, being ready to adapt and adjust when you hit unexpected obstacles.

Comfortable Work Environment

Create a comfortable zone for people feel safe with out the culture of blame (fear of failure). Treat your people’s growth and progress as a learning tool and encourage and support them, especially when they are stepping into new fields or responsibilities. Because it’s only when people feel safe to fail, that they truly feel safe to succeed. In a ‘safe zone’ there are no scapegoats, there’s no blame-shifting and no one gets thrown under the bus. This must be demonstrated from the top down, through all levels of your organisation.

That relationship between all staff, management, the trust component of any relationship, helps to tap into our desire to protect the organisation. Staff become proactive in notifying you of potential threats as soon as they are identified, they act as the first line of defence, the eyes, ears and behaviour analysis s of the orgnisation.

This is a team, human sensors, who are collectively engaged with detecting threats for each other and the orgaisation. They are monitors and intervene when required to ensure the organisation is protected from threats and vulnerabilities. Your people are in every corner of your business. They are communicating with customers and working intimately with every process and technology.

Threat Identification

They are often the first to notice a potential threat and can act as your early warning system. They are often the first to notice a potential threat and can act as your early warning system.

If your people are not engaged, they might see a potential threat and think, ‘Oh, that’s someone else’s problem.’ But if they are engaged, they are far more likely to come to you and say, ‘Hey, look – I’ve noticed something doesn’t seem quite right here. I just wanted to raise it and see what you think about it.’ These conversations can sound out areas of potential harm and are among the most effective ways to reduce organisational risk, if captured and responded to appropriately.

The benefits of this approach extend well beyond risk mitigation. It will positively impact your reputation and revenue and improve your workplace culture.

Engaging your People

By engaging your people, the right way, you can empower your people to be your organisation’s greatest risk management asset. It is only by focusing on risk with, through and by your people, that you are going to truly solve your organisational risk exposure and drive transformational change.