Clean Up

I consider myself very lucky. I get to do what I love on a daily basis. I’m a pure tech. I love tearing apart laptops, working on servers and play with new gadgets. The jobs I really love involve networks and cabling.

Take for example this one. This is a client site where the cabling had just gotten out of hand. Servers and switches at the bottom, connecting into the patch panels all over the rack. No organisation, which was a shame because this is a lovely Rittal Rack with Cable Ladders at both sides and Ladder Covers. The switches were all mounted in a dense stack with very little in the way of space to find anything. No real sense as to what was live or dead in the patching.

Phase 1, Map the offices and outletts. Create a Port Map for each Switch and determine density for each switch. No pictures for this one as it was a paper and excel exercise.

Phase 2, weed out all dead ends and create space by moving panels down and redistributing the cable management. A redistribution of the switches was also part of the plan.


From this photo you can see the amount of dead leads removed. You can also see the reconfiguration of the cable management as well as the relocation of the first two switches.

Just about finished. A couple of minor changes to make but overall appearance is vastly improved.