Laptop Hinge Repair

Even the best built laptops are have a weakness and that is the hinge for the screen. It could happen to you at any point… you have a slighly older laptop, it’s out of warrenty and one of your hinges breaks loose. The problem is only going to get worse.

So, what do you do. Go to the nearest computer guy, maybe he can fix it? A hinge, bezel and cover replacement could set you back €80 – €120 and that’s before the labor. Or, you could spend €10 on some Super Glue and Baking Powder.

Chances are your hinge is fine but the mount points for the hinge have broken away (Hinge.jpg). If you’re willing to give it a go, open the laptop and search for the loose mounts. They are usually still inside the laptop. Carefully collect the mounts and offer them up to their original positions. Carefully, sprinkle Baking Powder around the mount taking special care with the cracks. DO NOT allow the Baking Powder to pile up over the mount. When you are happy that the weakened areas are covered slowly drip Super Glue on to the baking Powder and let dry. It will harden to a much stronger plastic. Once set, reattach your hinge. Job done!