About Andrews Duffy

Established in the summer of 2019 by Brian Andrews and Mark Duffy, Andrews Duffy aims to revolutionize the world of IT. What’s our mission? To demystify the complexities and dispel the fears surrounding IT. Our goal is simple: to simplify IT and make technology more accessible, enabling people to derive greater value from it.

Our Focus

At Andrews Duffy, our primary focus is designing IT Managed Service models tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), offering IT Governance solutions for regulatory-based environments. Additionally, we develop innovative Governance strategies for the financial services sector and are currently expanding into the transportation and logistics industries.

Who We Are

As leaders, Brian Andrews and Mark Duffy bring extensive experience as Information Technology managers across diverse sectors. Collaborating with industry giants like Dell, Cisco, HP, VMware, and Canon, our team caters to SME clients across Ireland. We actively engage with clients, crafting cloud, digital, and IT project solutions.


Our team boasts years of experience across various industries and operating models. While our forte lies in technology within regulatory environments, our expertise extends to other industry verticals.

Specialized Skills

We work closely with clients, ensuring we understand their needs and provide the right mix of specialist skills from the get-go. Our commitment is to deliver resources that perfectly match our clients’ requirements.

Service Excellence

Beginning with defining clear, measurable service levels, we establish commitments for delivery and a continuous improvement roadmap. Our aim is to foster long-term relationships driven by service excellence, empowering our clients to enhance their business delivery.

Programme and Project Management

With a wealth of experience in IT projects, rollouts, upgrades, and migrations, our programme and project management team ensures successful project outcomes through a delivery-focused, collaborative approach.

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Brian Andrews

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Mark Duffy

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