Experienced IT Management for SMEs

Use our team to bring over 30 years of IT experience into your business.

Managed Services

Our team are experienced in managed services, change management and delivery of IT projects.


Our team have a track record across many years, industries and operating models. We specifically have a depth of experience of working within regulatory environments.


Information Security has changed – from building impregnable firewalls, to an understanding that threats can not only penetrate perimeter defenses but also originate from within organisations.

Strategic Advice

We work with our clients to help plan for the future. What areas should be invested in, how to get better value for money or what technologies to look towards for the future.

About Andrews Duffy

Andrews Duffy provides IT Managed Services, Risk Management, VCIO and oversight solutions for our client organisations. Management of the IT infrastructure, project and change management in a variety of regulatory based environments. Both our partners have over 30 years experience in the IT sector. We are experienced within the Airline & Airport Sectors, as well as, retail, Help Desk, Distribution and Manufacturing. We have worked with most of the Airports and Logistic hubs in Ireland.

Recent Posts

IT Risk Management In Community Based Financial Service

Information Technology (IT) risk management in community based financal service entities involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks to the bank’s IT systems and data. This includes risks related to cyber security, data privacy, and compliance with regulations. They should have a comprehensive IT risk management program in place that includes regular risk assessments, security […]

What device replacement strategies do you use?

Last month I was requested to sit in on a server replacement project. Sitting down with the CEO asking pertinent questions, we soon discovered that the initial project budget was way off target, the cost of the hardware was 1x, cost of the software migration (platform that was hosted on this server was 1y and […]

Cyber threats (IT Risks) pose a very real and significant, risk to their operations.

Steps to cyber risk assessment
Once that’s completed here are the steps needed to undertake a cyber risk audit.
1. Identify threat sources and events
2. Identify vulnerabilities and how they may be exploited
3. Estimate the likelihood of these threats occurring
4. Evaluate the potential impact on your business if they do occur
5. Determine the degree of risk involved
6. Rank the risks in order of priority
7. Prioritise actions and responses to critical risks

Empower your people to be your organisation’s greatest risk management asset

It is only by focusing on risk with, through and by your people, that you are going to truly solve your organisational risk exposure and drive transformational change.