Experienced IT Management for SMEs

Use our team to bring over 30 years of IT experience into your business.

Managed Services

Our team are experienced in managed services, change management and delivery of IT projects.


Our team have a track record across many years, industries and operating models. We specifically have a depth of experience of working within regulatory environments.


Information Security has changed – from building impregnable firewalls, to an understanding that threats can not only penetrate perimeter defenses but also originate from within organisations.

Strategic Advice

We work with our clients to help plan for the future. What areas should be invested in, how to get better value for money or what technologies to look towards for the future.

About Andrews Duffy

Andrews Duffy provides IT Managed Services, Risk Management, VCIO and oversight solutions for our client organisations. Management of the IT infrastructure, project and change management in a variety of regulatory based environments. Both our partners have over 30 years experience in the IT sector. We are experienced within the Airline & Airport Sectors, as well as, retail, Help Desk, Distribution and Manufacturing. We have worked with most of the Airports and Logistic hubs in Ireland.

Recent Posts

How Long Does It Take to Implement a Patch?

Every organisation should take a fresh look at the impact specific cyber events can have and whether management’s response plan is properly oriented and sufficiently supported. This review includes an assessment of internal processes and capabilities to determine whether proactive steps should be taken to make necessary improvements — both near term and long term.

Managing IT Risks for Community and Non-profit Boards

The key to mitigating IT risks is to minimise the harm they can cause. One way to manage risks is for boards to set up policies and procedures to reduce risks. Non-profit boards can also transfer some degree of risk by purchasing the appropriate insurance policies or by outsourcing some activities

Protect your business’ important assets

It’s critical that you protect your business’ important assets, including perhaps the most important of all: its data. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing a solid backup solution. But what’s the best way to approach data backup? After all, every business is going to have different needs. We’re here to […]

Non-Profit Organisations concern about Data Breaches

Control Frameworks must be regimented but flexible enough to tackle the risk that organisation faces. This aspect challenges the previous two control mechanisms.