Experienced IT Management for SMEs

Use our team to bring over 30 years of IT experience into your business.

Managed Services

Our team are experienced in managed services, change management and delivery of IT projects.


Our team have a track record across many years, industries and operating models. We specifically have a depth of experience of working within regulatory environments.


Information Security has changed – from building impregnable firewalls, to an understanding that threats can not only penetrate perimeter defenses but also originate from within organisations.

Strategic Advice

We work with our clients to help plan for the future. What areas should be invested in, how to get better value for money or what technologies to look towards for the future.

About Andrews Duffy

Andrews Duffy provides IT Managed Services, Risk Management, VCIO and oversight solutions for our client organisations. Management of the IT infrastructure, project and change management in a variety of regulatory based environments. Both our partners have over 30 years experience in the IT sector. We are experienced within the Airline & Airport Sectors, as well as, retail, Help Desk, Distribution and Manufacturing. We have worked with most of the Airports and Logistic hubs in Ireland.

Recent Posts

Board of Directors Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Risks for Boards to understand

Cybersecurity/ IT Risk Management is (or should be) on the agenda of boards. Information Technology is ranked by many as a top 10 risk, but does your board treat it accordingly? Working on and with Boards of Directors, I understand that the agenda is pretty full on, despite Zoom decreasing the actual meeting times. Since […]

Insider Threats – Employee Data Theft

Employee Data Theft When most of us think about a cybercriminal, we usually think of a person from home, and probably not in your own country. But did you ever consider that a hacker could be inside your own organisation? While most business owners assume that attacks on their company, data, website or operations are […]


SME’s need advice and assistance in identifying and defining suitable actions to mitigrate the risk of Information Technology risks, data loss and the issues where the loss of an IT function brings to any organisation. Cyber crime poses a severe risk to all types of enterprises. Preventing these risks requires implementing initiatives based on both education and awareness.

Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

he policy must include a description of the main roles and responsibilities of information security management. Set out the requirements for staff and contractors, processes and technology in relation to information security, recognising that staff and contractors at all levels have responsibilities in ensuring financial institutions’ information security.