Experienced IT Management for SMEs

Use our team to bring over 30 years of IT experience into your business.

Managed Services

Our team are experienced in managed services, change management and delivery of IT projects.


Our team have a track record across many years, industries and operating models. We specifically have a depth of experience of working within regulatory environments.


Information Security has changed – from building impregnable firewalls, to an understanding that threats can not only penetrate perimeter defenses but also originate from within organisations.

Strategic Advice

We work with our clients to help plan for the future. What areas should be invested in, how to get better value for money or what technologies to look towards for the future.

About Andrews Duffy

Andrews Duffy provides IT Managed Services, Risk Management, VCIO and oversight solutions for our client organisations. Management of the IT infrastructure, project and change management in a variety of regulatory based environments. Both our partners have over 30 years experience in the IT sector. We are experienced within the Airline & Airport Sectors, as well as, retail, Help Desk, Distribution and Manufacturing. We have worked with most of the Airports and Logistic hubs in Ireland.

Recent Posts

What could go wrong? In your opinion, how likely is it to go wrong? Board of Directors.

Board members need to insist on understanding IT / Cybersecurity risks. Only with this knowledge, can they properly discuss those risks at board level and achieve a consensus on setting the enterprise’s risk tolerance. When it comes to cybersecurity strategy, perhaps the single most important goal for boards and CEOs is defining the enterprise’s IT […]

Cyber Security Check List

Action Item Checklist Function Summary Description User Name  and Password Protection Strictly enforce robust password security as per NIST Standards that include Upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols Minimum of 8 characters, avoiding common words and dates Password not used for any other log in’s Changing passwords regularly – 3 months Using 2 […]

Quick little Post on Policies and Asset Registers

We are currently working with two large companies and it is interesting on my behalf on how little emphasis there has been on asset registers. An asset register of IT equipment is one of the foundations of your IT systems and security, if you dont know what you own, then you dont know what keys […]

Cost of a security breach

Much of the business discussion around cybersecurity relates to protection of key assets such as customer information and intellectual property, often after the news that another company has suffered a large data breach. While strengthening defenses against cyber attackers is important, companies also must be prepared to handle the reputational and financial hits that a […]