Credit Union Covid19 Web Conferencing Policy

Web Conferencing Communications Appendix


With the effects of a pandemic incident, social distancing and potential office shut down, the use of Web Conferencing technologies has been authorised by the board of directors on {insert date}.

This document establishes best practices for conducting effective web-based meetings. The focus is on remote access, where the meeting host and participants are remotely connected. This document outlines the responsibilities of the meeting host and participants when all are working from multiple locations.

Web conferencing: denotes the use of either phone based or computer based multi-user conferencing platform for the facilitation of remote meetings.


This policy applies to all users of XX Credit Union for video and phone-based conferencing services. All applicable policies and procedures including information technology policies apply to the use of XX Credit Union web conferencing services. Web-conferencing is an extension to the means to conduct meetings for the credit union.

Board members and staff, users must read and understand this policy document prior to their first web-conference. A copy of this policy statement will be provided to all. Users must agree to the use of web conferencing facilities for the use of; Board of Directors meeting function(s), credit union committee function(s) and or internal staff communication for remote functionality.

Zoom has been selected as the web conferencing platform with the credit union.

Host: The credit union manager has been selected as the host for web conferencing. The host function denotes the person with the ability to schedule a meeting, notify participants of the relevant details to attend the meeting and manage the meeting.

Setting Up a Meeting (Hosting)

  • Whenever possible, meeting host will make known to the meeting participants.
    • Meeting ID
    • Password for each meeting
    • Time of meeting
    • Dial in phone number (Dublin 01) and or web link to facilitate video conferencing by email

This is an amendment to the normal board or committee information pack for each meeting, as per standard board pack protocols

  • Use of Video and or phone-based communication is permitted
  • Recording of conferencing calls is not permitted.
  • Meetings must be secured by use of the password facility
  • All home-based Smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google, Siri etc) must be powered off, if in close proximity to the user’s location, for data protection purposes.

Meeting Participants

  • Participants should mute any background sources of noise or music at the start of the meeting
  • Participants should always speak clearly using a measured pace and audibly into the phone or computer microphone.

Please note that rapid talking may be incoherent for others in a web conferencing environment.

  • Meeting participants should state their first names when offering comments or questions, especially for meetings with 5 or more participants.

Please use this document for what ever use you need it for, I have shared it for the good of all. It is shared with full creative commons. – Brian

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