Risk Management vs. Compliance

Credit Union IT Governance, Due Doligence Policies and Procedures

What matters is your ability to govern access to the data. That’s the IT asset: your ability to keep others from using that stolen iPad, or stolen access credentials. The asset is your collection of policies and procedures to evaluate relationships, study data usage patterns, raise alarms about suspicious behaviour, provision or de-provision user access, and so forth, and your database of customer interactions and records.

IT Asset Register

Document the IT equipment in your organisation, keeping track of this allows you to manage when new equipment is needed, budget and understand if you are getting the best value from IT.

IT Risk Management

We all work with in challenging environments and the credit union sector operates in a complex and demanding regulatory environment. IT is a core enabler of business processes. With the credit union sector there is the regulatory oversight required by the Central Bank into their operations including IT. With these requirements, an oversight function is […]