BIWIS, Baggage Image Weight Identification System


2008, Ireland’s Shannon Airport became the first Airport to offer US CBP Preclearance outside America.

Shannon Airport BIWIZ Project


The Baggage Image Weight Identification System (BIWIS) by Trihedral was developed to assist USCBP agents with the Preclearance process. Members of Andrews Duffy have worked with Trihedral to deliver and support the BIWIS system at Shannon for the past 15 years. Support including maintenance of the core IT systems as well as the electromechanical components as well as the implementation of improvements and upgrades to the VTScada system.

2022 Project

During 2021/2022 Andrews Duffy were engaged to commission the new BIWIS induction stations on the newly built transfer line at Shannon and recommissioned BIWIS at Check-in following a BHS upgrade. We worked closely with the project team, deployed engineers and support staff to deliver this project.